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Global Entertainment Holdings (OTC: "GBHL") announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary, You've Got the Part, Inc., was awarded a Trademark and a Copyright by the U.S. Patent & Copyright Office.

Global Entertainment Holdings (OTC: "GBHL") announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary, You've Got The Part, Inc., was awarded a Trademark and a Copyright by the U.S. Patent & Copyright Office, in connection with the roll out of the Company's new social media web portal, ''You've Got The Part".

Gary Rasmussen, CEO of Global Entertainment, commented, "You've Got The Part is a social media website that allows anyone, anywhere and at anytime, the opportunity to be selected for a role in a real Hollywood movie via the Internet using their smartphone or web cam.

Jackie Giroux, President of Global Universal Film Group, stated, "Both the Trademark and Copyright validate the uniqueness of our concept in You've Got The Part. It is a technique that significantly changes the paradigm in promoting virtually anything by relying on "the crowd" to generate the excitement and interest. This concept could become one of the biggest changes in social media by giving everyone their shot at "15 seconds of fame" with a role in a real Hollywood movie!"

Daniel A. Sherkow, Chief Operating Officer of Global Entertainment Holdings, added, "The advantage to You've Got The Part! is that its creates extraordinary efficiencies in marketing and promotion for businesses and organizations. "You've Got The Part" is also an effective and unique method of crowd promotion in which any
business, organization or service can generate massive interest in a product or event by organizing promotion and interest amongst the millions internet users and social networkers around the world.We have already begun discussions with numerous partners who have expressed the desire to use You've Got The Part across a broad spectrum of products and services at virtually no cost. You've Got The Part represents a lucrative opportunity for Global Entertainment to capitalize on tremendous revenues stemming from America's unquenchable desire to see new talent discovered.

About: Global Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (OTC: GBHL) is a publicly-held, entertainment company. The Company's goal is to build a worldwide entertainment and media organization with domestic and foreign subsidiaries / affiliates.

GBHL, operates through its wholly owned subsidiaries: Global Universal Film Group, Inc.; Global Universal Entertainment, Inc.; Global Entertainment Film Fund, LLC.; You've Got The Part, Inc. and its partially-owned Canadian subsidiary Global Universal Pictures. Through which, film production, film finance, sales and distribution services, are the core businesses.

The company is determined to stay on the cutting edge of social networking and media distribution. You've Got The Part, Inc., plans to capitalize on the current popularity of Hollywood and reality based programming by offering small roles online, in a Hollywood movie or video production, that anyone with access to a digital camera can apply for.

The company also utilizes Joint Ventures to maximize revenue, while reducing equity exposure. Recently announced joint ventures in the areas of film productions, tech-education and urban youth apparel further GBHL's corporate goals. For more and current information on the company, please visit our web site at

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