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Toyota Motor Company Issues Recall

Worldwide recall enacted to address electrical issue that can affect airbag and steering function

The Toyota Motor Company has issued a global recall of over 885,000 vehicles over a possible electrical problem that has potential to keep airbags from deploying in the event of a crash. This is just the latest in a series of safety concerns that has plagued the automaker in just the past two model years.

This announcement comes mere days after the auto maker won a victory in California court related to the unintended acceleration issue which led to a recall of over 10 million vehicles manufactured by Toyota.

This most recent recall is due to a potential for a short circuit causing airbag warning lights to activate and ultimately disable the airbags, causing them to fail to deploy during an accident. In some cases, the airbags could also deploy on their own without warning.

Toyota claims that the problem is due to water from the air conditioning condenser leaking onto the airbag system's control module. The leak also has potential to cause other problems, including a short circuit that could disable the vehicle's power-steering system. In that instance, it could become either difficult or impossible to turn the vehicle, especially when traveling at lower speeds.

There have so far been two injuries linked to this issue, neither one life-threatening.

The recall covers their 2012 and 2013 model year Camry sedans and hybrids, Avalon sedans and hybrids and the Venza crossover.

"Toyota has been fighting an uphill battle for some time now," said Drazen Alcocer, founder and CEO of iFederated, parent company to iRecalls.com. "It is interesting that even though this recall is issued, many owners still don't know about it."

Artin Afsharjavan, Chairman of iFederated also added a interesting detail. "Even in the information age, most automobile manufacturers still inform drivers of recalls via postal mail. The company admits that it could take weeks to inform every owner. That is why iRecalls.com is such a critical resource," he said.

iRecalls.com is a social media-based website that exists to keep the public informed of consumer product recalls when they happen. It relies on community involvement to keep the flow of information swift and current. Those interested in taking part in this vital nationwide community are encouraged to visit the site at http://www.irecalls.com and create their 100% free account.

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