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Toronto Communications Agency Sero Communications Places Top 20 in Global Language Competition

The Top 100 Language Lovers Competition 2014 results were announced on June 12, 2014. Toronto cross-cultural communications agency Sero Communications ranked Top 10 for Twitter and Top 20 overall.

The results of the 6th Annual Top 100 Language Lovers Competition 2014 were recently released on June 12, 2014. Toronto-based cross-cultural communications agency Sero Communications ranked very highly among the 100 winners in this worldwide competition.

There were 5 categories in the competition: Learning Blogs, Professional Blogs, Facebook Pages, Twitter Accounts and YouTube Channels. Toronto-based cross-cultural communications agency Sero Communications was nominated for their Twitter account:

As a rising player and voice in the global language services industry, Sero Communications uses various channels, namely Twitter, to release current information regarding industry news, trends, events, studies and career opportunities relating to language, linguistics, translation, localization, copywriting, marketing and more - with a specific focus on the North American and Middle Eastern markets.

Sero Communications was ranked 10th in the Twitter category and 20th overall out of all the winners across the 5 categories. Winners were ranked according to votes received as well as judging criteria. Judging criteria for Twitter accounts included relevance and frequency of tweets, variety of content, appropriate use of hashtags and links, and - most importantly - influence of the tweeter in terms of retweets, favourites and mentions.

This annual competition is hosted by Language Portal and the Lexiophiles Blog. It is one of the largest global competitions for linguists, translators, agencies and organizations involved in the language services industry. This year, the competition had a remarkable level of participation, with over 1,200 nominations and 55,000 votes from all over the world.

The full results of the competition, including a breakdown of results by category, can be viewed here:

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