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A Filipino owned and operated company, Topbest Pest Services Inc. was founded in 1997 when Florentio Tony A. Lazaro retired from the post of senior executive at JAKA Group of Companies after putting up 20 years of service with them.

Topbest Pest Services Inc. - Providing Best Pest Control Services in Philippines

Manila, Philippines 28 January 2010 - One of the fastest growing pest control companies in Philippines, Topbest Pest Services Inc., has already created considerably big reputation in the country providing quality pest control services to thousands of clients.

A Filipino owned and operated company, Topbest Pest Services Inc. was founded in 1997 when Florentio Tony A. Lazaro retired from the post of senior executive at JAKA Group of Companies after putting up 20 years of service with them. While initially, Florentino had no plans to come into the pest market, serious termite problems in his own home prompted him to step into the arena soon.

With his extensive experience in business management and with his aptitude for learning, Tony could ultimately develop the family managed organization. Employing over 50 highly skilled professional experts he was able to provide services to over 3,000 residential and commercial establishments in the county soon.

Today, Topbest is a name to reckon within the world of pest control services. Using biodegradable as well as environment-friendly chemicals protecting environment and eliminating any chance of creating health hazards for human beings, the company has come up with state of the art equipments and delivery of products using the services of trained expert professionals.

Over the years the company has build up a substantial database of satisfied and loyal customers. Many of such people were in search of some real good product and services for pest and termite control, something that was eluding them till such time they approached Topbest Pest Services for addressing their problems.

"We quickly called our regular pest control for a liquid termiticide treatment. Three months later, the pesky termites were back...I had the house treated with the same chemical solution again but it was not enough to keep the termites from coming back. We finally decided on trying Sentricon System to prevent further damage," comments Eileen Macapagal, housewife and Entrepreneur.

Topbest Pest Services has the objective of bringing its services to the doorsteps of both commercial as well as residential clients all over the country.

"We aim to bring Topbest to both commercial and residential clients nationwide by strengthening our marketing and operational efficiency. Call 681-1921/47 whenever you face pest problems", says Tony the founder of the Company.

Multiple reasons could prompt clients to choose the services of Topbest Pest Services for pest control. While inspectors and technicians are well trained and highly efficient, they are trustworthy, reliable and courteous to the clients.

Using Termatrac Termite Detector, a device that dispenses with the requirements of drilling any structure, the services constitute a welcome departure from the traditional drilling and damaging process of pest control. For detection also thermal imaging technology is used preventing any chance of damages to structures or timber. Chemicals that are used are low risk and eco-friendly and accepted internationally. Best part of the services is the timely schedule and flexible payment options for the clients.

Beth Tamayo Wang, TV Personality and family woman has to say the following about the services of the Company.

"I first heard about Sentricon whenever we watched movies in malls which showed commercials of the product...Topbest came here, did a survey mostly at the garden area where there's plenty of wood. They advised the use of Sentricon and came back periodically to check the whole house."

With so many advantages with the services, especially in a highly commercial world where finding a combination of quality, affordability, and timely schedule is a big challenge, it is natural that more and more clients will opt for the services of Topbest Pest Services in the future that provides all three-in-one.

For Termite Pest Control you can visit Topbest who are the experts in this field.

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