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Top Plastic Surgeon Portland Expert Dr. Kim Chi Vu Opens New Clinic at Beaverton

Dr. Kim Chi Vu is one of the top plastic surgeons in Portland. She is a professional in body contouring surgeries and is popular among her patients because of her skills. She has recently moved her clinic at Beaverton, Oregon.

They say women view beauty in a different, more special way. They know how to appreciate things in a perspective different and much deeper than that of men. Dr. Kim Chi Vu is one particular woman who is sufficiently talented and skilled in this aspect. She is one of the very few female plastic surgeons certified by Portland's Board of Certified Plastic Surgeons and the prestigious American Board of Plastic Surgeries.

Specializing in reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries, Dr. Vu's natural aesthetic flair for beauty and technical skill has placed her on the coveted ranks of the top plastic surgeon Portland list. Besides from being a pro in breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, and other body contouring methods, she also has professional background in dealing with hand trauma.

Backed by knowledge from her continuing education and her rich wealth of experience, she has definitely transformed the lives of thousands of her patients. Rosemary, one of her most loyal clients, is proof to this. According to her, "The surgery that I had changed my life in the fact that I feel better about myself. And that's the number one most important thing when you're going through this kind of surgery. I've heard several compliments and I fit in my clothes better."

Her natural eye for beauty and her talent of moulding it to make it even more enhanced has definitely helped her in making a name for herself in the world of cosmetic surgery Portland. Her patients have also sung praises about her being one of the friendliest, most empathic plastic surgeons they've ever met. Among all plastic surgeon Portland professionals, she is also the only one that offers CosmetAssure, a plan that protects patients from financial risk should the surgery result to some complications.

Besides from offering top service to her patients, Dr. Vu is also known for employing the latest technologies and advancements in her field. Now ready to move to greater heights, the premier plastic surgeon Portland professional has recently made a big leap in her career by opening her new state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery center at Beaverton, Oregon.

Patients can now expect better and improved service from Dr. Vu with the latest technology she will be employing and the new services that she will be offering. Her new and improved business combined with her natural talent and skill promises clients that perfection is just easily within their reach.

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