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Top NJ Plastic Surgeons Talk Kate Middleton's Nose

Top NJ plastic surgeons address a recent Good Morning America show, which highlighted the newfound popularity of Kate Middleton's nose with women throughout America.

Sorry Angelina Jolie. According to Good Morning America, your lips are out and Kate Middleton's nose is in, as women flock to plastic surgeons with a dream - and a picture of the Duchess' nose in hand of course.

Good Morning America hosts shared the obsession the world has with Kate Middleton's wardrobe, hair and especially her nose, during their Jan. 31 show.

This of course is nothing new to top NJ plastic surgeons at Associates in Plastic Surgery.

"It's common for patients to lust after or request the features of prominent figures in the media," says Dr. Andrew Miller, an NJ facial plastic surgeon. "It's not surprising that Ms. Middleton's nose is on every woman's wish list - it's strong, feminine and suits her face nicely."

When someone is unhappy with their features, they tend compare them to those of someone they find attractive. This gets dangerous when they begin to think "If I had her nose I would be beautiful, just like her," which isn't always the case.

People don't realize that the reason that person looks beautiful is because their features are balanced and compliment each other.

"Getting Kate Middleton's nose won't make you look like her," says Miller at his Marlboro, New Jersey practice. "What will make you beautiful like her is tweaking your bothersome features so they are balanced and compliment each other, which is why her appearance is so pleasing to the masses."

A good surgeon won't perform a procedure they believe - based on their experience - won't give their patient the end result they are looking for.

This isn't to say that it's wrong to take a picture of Ms. Middleton's nose to a consultation for rhinoplasty in NJ. Having a visual of what a patient has in mind makes it easier for a surgeon to manage their patient's expectations. Plus, one never knows, maybe their surgeon will agree that Kate's nose would look even better on them than it does on her.

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