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Top Doc Rallies Behind Electronic Cigarettes

A top doctor has today given his backing to the physical and psychological benefits of Electronic Cigarettes.

Dr Keith Ablow has used his respected Fox News blog to promote the benefits of investing in an Electronic Cigarette. The celebrated doctor has lauded the products ability to provide both psychological and physical boosts for those who switched from traditional tobacco to an electronic device.

Dr Ablow has revealed that many of his patients have successfully stopped smoking since making the move onto the electronic alternative. Providing both the nicotine hit and the physical replacement; the Electronic Cigarette provides the solution for a number of problems that those quitting cigarettes face. After seeing many a success story, Dr Ablow now recommends this course of action to anyone who is considering trying to quit smoking.

Dr Ablow accredits much of the products success at replacing traditional cigarettes to the simulating effect that they have. Many smokers miss the physical act of holding a cigarette and smoking upon quitting. The doctor is also confident that the product will not become an addiction in its own right, he explains:

"The reason my patients tell me electronic cigarettes work better than the patch or nicotine gum is that they simulate the act of smoking, but not perfectly. They are good enough to substitute for real cigarettes, but they aren't good enough to become an addiction, in and of themselves. An analogy in the arena of food addiction would be something low calorie that fills you up enough to prevent bingeing on sweets, gives you some distance from that addiction."

Although there has been no sufficient medical tests carried out as of yet to determine whether the Electronic Cigarette is completely harmless; Dr Ablow is quick to point out all of the harmful chemicals found in a traditional cigarette that are not present in an E Cig. The tobacco of the average cigarette contains approximately 4,000 toxins.

Dr Ablow finishes by insisting that it is now the right time to hold large scale clinical trials to fully determine all of the health benefits that may be achieved by switching to Electronic Cigarettes. The doctor is suggesting that many fellow clinicians have discovered similar positive results from their patients switching to the Electronic Cigarette. He even suggested that medical insurance companies should offer Electronic Cigarettes for free as a means to help them quit smoking.

Electronic Cigarettes do not contain any tobacco, the vapour that is inhaled is created by a heated liquid cased inside the product.


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