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Tool to Restore Exchange 2010 Database To Different Server Available

Through the medium of this release, the company takes the initiative to inform users about availability of application that could help to restore Exchange 2010 database to different Server.

This release informs about solution to restore Exchange 2010 database to different Server from offline EDB file. With Exchange Recovery software, it is possible to extract mailboxes from EDB file and export it to live Exchange Server. The tool gives the facility to migrate public as well as private folders to PST, MSGM EML file and to another Server within same domain.

The tool supports moving multiple mailboxes from EDB file to different Server at once by providing the alias name of target mailbox. With only requisite of Outlook and Exchange Server installation on system, the software runs smoothly to for EDB files that are large in size (up to TBs).

Evan Swans, Director of the Company Says: "Exchange Recovery software aims at extracting database saved in priv.edb and pub.edb files. The export options have been kept flexible in the tool on order to ensure that users can access or save the data according to availability of mail client or Server. To restore Exchange 2010 database to different Server, there is provision in the tool gives option to export EDB file data to active Server."

Support Team Head Quotes: "Database mounting failures, Server load balancing, moving user-account to another organizational department are some of the reasons that call for moving mailboxes to another Server. Hopefully, we have been very grateful that our users found a solution through our EDB converter that gives facility to extract and export pub.edb and priv.edb files to Exchange Server. The tool is being appreciated by users till now as it supports recovery or conversion even if the database is inconsistent or corrupt."

Susan Kaet, Web Team Head Says: "Exchange Server DB calls regular maintenance and if not handled carefully, it may create trouble for an administrator. Having a solution to work around troubles related to EDB files have been a demand online and Exchange Recovery software is a complete solution that offers way out to retrieve mailboxes from EDB files in number of odd scenarios."

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