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Tom Cruise Furious That His Wife Katie Holmes Started Smoking Again; See Why Katie Can't Seem To Quit

It seems that Katie Holmes and husband Tom Cruise are feuding over her tobacco cigarette habit. Tom wants her to quit because he wants to add an additional member to their family but Katie still can't seem to quit.

Recent news has hit the media that Katie Holmes has started smoking again after she gave up smoking during her pregnancy. Holmes was able to quit in the past but now she is smoking more cigarettes than she did before and her husband doesn't like it at all.

Katie Holmes wanted to quit smoking because she wanted to detoxify her body of the nicotine and start living a healthier life not only for her but for her children as well. Her cigarette habit is causing some heated conflicts with her and her husband because Tom Cruise wants her to quit because it is a disgusting habit and doesn't want her to be smoking around their children.

Studies have concluded that any child that lives in a household with a person who smokes is at a greater risk to be diagnosed with asthma and other tobacco cigarette related illness due to the second hand smoke.

Needless to say, women who smoke cigarettes are at a much greater risk to be diagnosed with smoking related illnesses such as lung and heart disease as time goes on but studies have also shown that women who smoke have a possibility to develop cervical cancer as well.

All smokers whether they are male or female need to be aware of these harmful side effects of smoking cigarettes and should quit the habit at all costs or find a safer alternative. Anyone who decides to smoke cigarettes around children should also fear the consequences as well. There is no need to smoke around anyone, especially when there is are young children around you and should quit smoking or find another place away from any non smoker.

With this in mind, Solar Cigarette has reached out to Katie Holmes in an attempt to give her some motivation to quit smoking and help her prevent any exposure of second hand smoke to their loved ones by introducing their unique smokeless cigarettes. Since these smokeless cigarettes don't pass down second hand smoke, smokers can now eliminate the deadly effects of second hand smoke that could possibly hinder the health of their children.

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"News has circulated that Katie Holmes, wife of Tom Cruise has picked up her smoking habit again. Sources say that Tom Cruise is furious with Katie Holmes and is disgusted with her habit."

"Katie Holmes has quit smoking in the past before her pregnancy but now it seems that she has started smoking again. Tom has asked her to quit smoking because he wants to have another child but it seems Katie Holmes is still smoking her cigarettes anyway. Smokers like Katie Holmes should either quit or find a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes."


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One of the major problems with anyone who smokes cigarettes is that there is no way to understand how much damage smoking tobacco cigarettes can do to their bodies until it is too late. Young women who smoke, especially Katie Holmes, do not realize that if they keep on smoking cigarettes they are placing themselves in harms way but also placing their children at risk of exposure to second hand smoke, let only other serious diseases like heart disease and lung cancer.

Many men and women who smoke have tried to quit the habit in the past but have failed because the nicotine cravings are just too overwhelming. Young women who smoke cigarettes have a much more difficult time with quitting their smoking habit because it is emotionally harder for them to quit because of the fear of gaining too much weight after they have quit.

In order to satisfy the nicotine cravings, many smokers start to eat just about anything they can get their hands on which is the reason why smoking has been linked to extreme weight gain. Now, smokers have a much healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes and have their fears of gaining weight can be nullified when they use these new smokeless cigarettes from Solar Cigarette.

The head of Solar Cigarette says that second hand smoke and the fear of weight gain is on the rise amongst the smoking community. If smokers don't find a safer alternative to smoking, they could severely effect the health of their children and put other non smokers at risk as well.

The Solar Cigarette smokeless cigarettes can and will help smokers quit the habit for good but also help them lose weight with the use of their vitamin packs which supply the smoker with the supplements the body needs to fight the hunger cravings, and help turn food into fuel which the body can burn and give them the freedom to smoke in public places without having to pass down second hand smoke to non smokers.

The head of Solar Cigarette is currently offering a 14 day trial of the smokeless cigarette to give cigarette smokers that added edge to help them quit the habit. Now smokers can smoke anywhere they please and avoid fines from the public smoking bans. With the use of the Solar Cigarette 14 trial and the vitamin packs, smokers can live a rejuvenated life clean and free of tobacco and help prevent weight gain in the future.

Studies have concluded that second hand smoke is now labeled as a Class A Carcinogen which can be deadly not only for non smokers, but also for children who live in a household with people who smoke as well.

With the rising issue of second hand smoke, Solar Cigarette has introduced a smokeless cigarette that uses water vapor technology to deliver the nicotine to the smoker which in turn provides a healthier way of smoking not only for the smoker but also provides no second hand smoke to non smokers as well.

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