Today, LULAC partners with other national organizations to run a state-wide campaign to engage Latino voters in the upcoming election in Ohio.

Today, LULAC partners with LCLAA, AFT, and FLOC to run a state-wide campaign to engage Latino voters in the upcoming election in Ohio. LULAC Executive Director Brent Wilkes, LCLAA Executive Director Hector Sanchez, Baldemar Velasquez of the FLOC/LCLAA Greater Toledo Chapter, and Maritza Motino Vice President of LULAC Columbus Council 39005 announced their joint collaboration to ensure that Latinos are mobilized and informed when they visit the voting booths in November.

"Yesterday both presidential candidates visited the swing state of Ohio to reach out to undecided voters. Each presidential hopeful is making large strides to appeal to the Hispanic electorate both in Ohio and nationwide," said Executive Director Brent Wilkes. "LULAC urges all of Ohio's eligible Latino community to vote. Whether by traditional ballot, absentee ballot, or early voting ballot, voting is the only vehicle for change and reform."

The more than 350,000 Latinos that reside in Ohio play a pivotal role in the political arena. This partnership is challenging every eligible voter to prepare for his/her constitutional right by registering and securing the needed forms of identification. Through the coalition, all eligible Latino voters will be educated on the regulations and expectations for voting so that no one is turned away at the polls.

LULAC currently has voter registration and mobilization efforts in Virginia, Texas, California, Ohio, Colorado, Florida, District of Columbia, Illinois, Iowa, Georgia, Maryland, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, New York, and Wisconsin.


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