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Tips And Tricks For Laser Engraving

Photo engraving is not very difficult if you know some helpful tips and tricks.

Photo engraving is considered the master piece of laser engraving. But it is very easy if the laser software supports the process. If the upcoming tips and tricks are used, there won't have be any troubles in laser engraving of photos. Just read here for perfect preparation.

Image selection and laser parameters
The first step to a good result is the choice of the right picture. Make sure to pick a nice photo, because the resolution and contrast of the image have an impact on the result. If the photo don't meet the requirements just use a graphic program and adjust the image until it's perfect.

A key for best results is setting correct material parameters on the laser machine. Rule of thumb for photo engravings: less is more! Selection of the correct speed, power settings and lenses are important to get good engraved photos. If this is done, the results will be very pleasing. We promise.

Raster algorithms!
The usage of different raster algorithms can be necessary, but this depends on the images, pictures and materials which are engraved.

There are several different raster algorithms in the Trotec's software JobControl X. The trick is to use the right one. To find the correct one is very important, so that the result will be appreciated.

Picture processing tools
To make pictures more fitting for a laser engraving process it may be required to adjust it. Either changing the contrast or making the image clearer is needed, but every modern graphic software has those features included.

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