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Three Cleveland Companies Form Joint-Venture to Improve Environmental Wastes Removal and Reduce Liability Risks for Industries Generating Hazardous Materials

Cleveland, OH (March 20, 2014) - As industries seek to find ecologically safe approaches to raw material disposal, three Cleveland-based companies - Metal Alloy Reclaimers (Metaloy), Redimet and Evergreen Environmental have teamed to establish METP

METPro Recovery identifies sources of spent hydrocarbon industry catalysts containing molybdenum, nickel, iron, titanium and cobalt and delivers these heavy metal containing catalysts to Skye Metal's Marietta facility to produce super alloys and usable raw materials for industries in the US and internationally.

What makes METPro's relationship unique is the collective ability to accept non-hazardous and hazardous (K-waste or F006) materials through a variance issued by the State of Ohio EPA enabling industries to reduce their liability and cost associated with recycling and/or landfill disposal. METPro Recovery is targeting several energy companies in the Northeastern US including ExxonMobil, Phillips 66, BP, Marathon, Monroe Energy, PES, Toledo Refining and Citgo to process their hazardous and non-hazardous materials due to increased catalyst usage to keep pace with shale and domestic oil production. METPro currently works with companies in Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania seeking solutions to repurpose process sludges and filter cakes containing nickel, cobalt and molybdenum.

This innovative collaboration is a significant advancement to further the concept of Industrial Ecology as Metaloy, Evergreen Environmental, Redimet and Skye Metal, all business pioneers within their respective markets, continue to identify and expand environmentally safe solutions for what many consider an industrial waste.

"While companies seek eco-friendly solutions, we stand ready to help reduce customers' dependency on landfills and more costly disposal outlets that might have a negative impact on our environment," states Evergreen Environmental president, Al St. Vincent.

Claude Kennard, president of Metaloy adds, "We are committed to becoming the destination for refineries and chemical companies in Northeastern US and Eastern Canada for their spent catalysts and other industrial byproducts processing."

METPro Recovery will operate as a business unit within Metaloy and along with Skye Metal, create jobs in Southeastern Ohio (Marietta facility) and in Cleveland, but more importantly, the materials produced at the plant are often able to be sold into the marketplace at a lower price than their naturally occurring counterparts, making the use of METPro recycled materials a smart decision for the businesses that use them from both an environmental and an economical standpoint.

For more information contact Claude Kennard, 216.881.8285

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