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Thousands Wear Green And Visit Key West For The Southernmost St. Patty's Day

Key West likes to have a good time, and people like to have a good time on St. Patrick's Day. In other words, the two are a perfect fit for each other.

Everyone who knows anything about Key West, Florida knows that they never need an excuse to have a good time and throw a party. Still, if there is a reason that already exists, then they are definitely going to be sure and take advantage of it. Such is the case with St. Patrick's Day. A festival celebrated around the country as a day to celebrate the Irish (as well as the soon-to-be start of spring), the annual party in Key West has quickly become one of the most popular events to attend.

One of the jokes in Key West is that Duval Street is the longest street in the world because it goes all the way from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. It is, in fact, just about a mile and quarter long, but what makes it seem longer is the number of bars and restaurants that populate it and Whitehead Street that runs parallel to it (and is the home of the world famous Southernmost Point). These two streets are the main attractions for the St. Patrick's Day bar crawl. Held the Saturday before the official holiday, it features almost two dozen of the Key West bars that people from around the world know about. With drink specials at each bar as well as many of the restaurants featuring specials along the way, it is a perfect way to experience much of what Key West has to offer.

The holiday isn't just about spending one afternoon walking up and down Duval Street though. It is also the perfect opportunity to get away from the end of winter for a few days and experience some of the greatest resorts, hotels and inns in the world while savoring the freshest seafood at the finest Key West restaurants. And no trip to Key West would be complete without taking some time at the end of your day to visit Mallory Square, see the wild array of performers before watching another postcard sunset. And then going back out to Duval Street and starting the celebration all over again.

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Robert Willis is a food and spirit writer based in the southernmost city.

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