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Thompson & Company Launches "THE ROADMAP TO SUCCESS" For Small Business

Set five year goal to extend "The Road Map to Success" consulting services to small businesses, as part of initiative to help businesses succeed.

Thompson & Company's "Road Map to Success" for small businesses is a broad initiative to deliver resources, guidance and services to help more small business achieve financial success. With the new initiative, Thompson & Company is also announcing a goal to facilitate $100 million in new lending/financing with third party providers (banks, insurance companies) and SBA7 (a) to small businesses by 2020.

Thompson & Company's "Road Map to Success" for small business provides wide-ranging support for business owners throughout the Tri-state area to help them build knowledge and insight, access capital and expand their community outreach.

Thompson & Company's "Road Map to Success" encompasses the company's commitment to helping local small businesses grow. It incorporates all the products, services and resources needed for small business owners to take the next step to reach their business goals. Our Account Executive will partner with business owners to tailor a plan that will ensure financial success.

Working with small business owners is one of the most important jobs we do at Thompson & Company; and we know just how vital small businesses are to bringing about economic prosperity and jobs to the area. Along with our lending goal, we want to provide support to small businesses across our community so that they may flourish.
Thompson & Company has a compact network of key team members serving the financial needs of small business owners in the Tri-state area, helping to provide financial guidance to small business owners and consumers across our community.

Thompson & Company's "Road Map to Success" offers business owners time and money saving services including accounting, auditing, bookkeeping, tax preparation and planning, business financing and asset management line of credit, retirement planning, business payroll services and merchant services. The "Road Map to Success" program also includes: building business credit, business plans, marketing and financial planning, website and IT advisory services along with free business consultation services at any time.

The launching of Thompson & Company's "Road Map to Success" program will coincide with the company's small business "getting to know your neighbor" conference in Dumbo, Brooklyn, which will be held on Thursday June 19th at 6:00 P.M. at 45 Main St, Suite 615, Dumbo Brooklyn, NY, 11201. For more information, please call 718-875-0556.

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