This Week In Hollywood: Ayelet Zurer, Nahid Azami, Rooney Mara, and Justin Timberlake

Ayalet Zurer in Man Of Steel, Nahid Azami in Vampire Masquerade, Rooney Mara in Oldboy, and Justin Timberlake in Spinning Gold.

HOLLYWOOD - Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer is set to replace Julia Ormond in Man Of Steel, playing the role of Lara Lor-Van (aka Superman's mum). No explanation has been given for the last-minute casting change but Zurer is expected to begin filming this week. She has previously appeared in Dan Brown's religious potboiler Angels & Demons and also played Eric Bana's wife in Steven Spielberg's Munich. This time she'll be cosying up to Russell Crowe, who plays her Kryptonian husband Jor-El.


HOLLYWOOD - Iranian-American actress Nahid Azami is set to perform in Chris Berube's rendition of Vampire Masquerade. Asked of her role, Azami replied, "It's a fun and exciting role to be playing. I get to be everything I'm not in real life, which is wicked." Asked of the production, Azami replied, "It's a fantastic show to watch before Halloween. It's scary and also has a bit of witty humor as well." Azami is expected to perform in the theater production until October 21st.


HOLLYWOOD - Rooney Mara is threatening to become the belle of violent hard-R cinema. The striking star of David Fincher's upcoming The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is in talks to join Spike Lee's remake of Oldboy, according to a source close to the production. Twitch Film first reported the news that Mara, who made an enormous impression in just a few scenes as Mark Zuckerberg's ex-girlfriend in The Social Network, was considering a leading role in Oldboy. The 2003 South Korean revenge film, about a man seeking vengeance after 15 years of mysterious confinement, shocked audiences with its gruesome depictions of violence.


HOLLYWOOD - Justin Timberlake has signed on to star in the musical biopic Spinning Gold. Timberlake will play Neil Bogart, the music legend who founded Casablanca Records in 1974. Bogart, the late father of film writers and producers Tim and Evan Bogart, is credited with discovering, launching and nurturing the careers of a generation of music superstars. Kiss, Parliament, Donna Summer and Village People (ask your parents) were just a few of the acts on the roster at Casablanca Records.


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