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ThinkHotels Releases An Infographic on Music Festivals in 2014

Think Hotels goes ahead and publishes a popular infographic on Music festivals in 2014

The Spring is coming and it is time for people to start planning their attendance to the best music festivals across the globe. For the music enthusiasts there awaits some of the best experiences throughout the year. At Think Hotels we have made an analysis and infographic of our favourite music festivals. These are Rock in Rio, Big Day Out, FIB, Glastonbury, Coachella, Roskilde, Burning Man, Fuji Rock, Afisha Picnic are to name a few.

The Rock in Rio festival is celebrated this year in Lisbon, Portugal. It is being taking place since 1985 and is among the most popular of Rock festivals. To give you an idea, in 2013, the tickets were all sold out in just 4 hours. Though immensely popular, the ticket price remains one of the lowest at $111.

Big Day Out celebrated, in among other cities, Sydney, Australia, is probably second in terms of popularity among all the Rock music festivals. Being celebrated from 1992, Big Day Out features the No Noise Club, which is bizarre to see when you do not have the headphones on. The ticket is priced at $285.

FIB is the most popular for the most avid party animals, since apart from taking place in Spain, you can get a $6 vodka bottle at the venue. The festival celebrated at Benicassim, Spain since 1995 happens to be among the most popular Rock music festivals in Europe. The tickets are priced at $197.

The little Hamlet of Glastonbury in the UK is famous for the Glastonbury Rock music festival which is being celebrated there since 1970. It also happens to be one of the oldest Rock festivals being celebrated across the globe. It started from the very day after the death of the legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix. At $353, the tickets are moderately high priced.

In 2012, 134 people were arrested in California, USA, during the first weekend of Coachella music festival. Being celebrated since 1999 and tickets priced at $375 it happens to be one of the most popular Rock festivals in America too.

Roskilde in Denmark is another of the oldest Rock music festivals celebrated. It is being held since 1971 and attracts a fairly large number of visitors from across the globe. The festival is also famous for the naked run in which the festival goers participate. The tickets are priced at $346.

USA hosts another festival. This one does not feature only music but a myriad of cultural activities, some of which are hard to explain. The Nevada Desert in USA is the venue of Burning Man. Being celebrated from 1986 it has got the costliest ticket price among all at $650 per ticket. Among all the oddities found in Burning Man, a large assortment of various different flavors of hugs is served at the Hug Deli during the festival.

Fuji Rock being celebrated in Japan is a fairly new festival which started in 1997. One of the ways the Japanese prevent unruly behavior in Fuji Rock is by prohibiting crowdsurfing. The tickets are available for $412.

Afisha Picnic is celebrated in Moscow, Russia and is one of the most recent addition to the list of famous Rock music festivals celebrated across the globe. The festival being celebrated since 2005 also happens to have the cheapest tickets priced at just $60 per ticket. But remember, drugs, smoking and alcohol are prohibited at the festival.
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