Diabetic Dog Food

Things You Should Know About Diabetic Dog Food

The vet diagnosed your dog with diabetes?, do not worry we have the best diabetic dog food guide, what they should eat and what you have to avoid, best recipes for the diabetic dogs, which brands you should buy.

Things You Should Know About Diabetic Dog Food

Has the vet diagnosed your dog with diabetes? If yes, take a deep breath since it is manageable. However, if you know exactly what the effects of diabetes on human beings are then you will understand what diabetics dogs go through.

Diabetes is a serious condition and can be life threatening to dogs the same way it is to human beings. It is a disorder that makes the dogs' body to be incapable of regulating blood sugar levels as a result of lack of insulin or insulin actions.

Just like in human beings, dogs suffer the two types of diabetes, which means that they usually remain diabetic after the diagnosis. Despite the fact that they will remain in need of insulin for the rest of their lives, there is need for feeding and dietary strategies.

These strategies will help in maintaining their glucose levels at an optimum level and as well as controlling the glucose levels. This means that controlling the diet through the appropriate diabetic dog food is probably the most important element of dealing with diabetes mellitus in dogs.

What diabetic dogs should eat and what they should not ?

-The type of food that is fed to dogs with diabetes mellitus is probably the most important thing as compared to the consistency of the diet.

-The correct food that is fed to such dogs should be a meat-based high protein food that is complete and well balanced with moderate fat and carbohydrate restricted.

-However, if you have been keen on matters concerning fibers and carbohydrates in the treatment of diabetes mellitus you must have noticed that there has been a lot of controversies surrounding its capability in treating diabetes.

-This is because different dogs respond differently to carbohydrates, however; it is a discussion for another time.

-Therefore, due to carbohydrates controversial nature of diabetes treatment, it is recommended that the inclusion of carbohydrates in the diet should be low glycemic. If possible, 30-40% of the calories in the diet should originate from proteins. Then again, 30% of the calories should come from fats and carbohydrates at equal ratio.

Studies have indicated that diabetic dog food with high fiber would result to unnecessary weight loss. On the other hand, diabetic dog food with high fiber content have no clinical benefits given that they end up causing detrimental intestinal side effects for instance flatulence and diarrhea that might result to constipation. However, diets in higher fiber are recommended if your dog is obese and in need of weight loss.

Recipes suitable for diabetic dogs:

If your dog is diabetic sometimes it is difficult to find the correct recipe that suits your dog despite having plenty of the recipes within your reach. The recipe should consist of meat and vegetable, carbohydrate free, other additional proteins such as eggs and cheese.

Here is one of the examples of the best recipe for diabetic dog:

- 2 lbs fresh carrots
- 2 lbs potatoes- ½ to 1 bunch fresh celery
- 1-2 lbs beef (cheap cuts of hamburger, mince, chuck - or the like)
- ¼ dripping (optional)
- 3 -4 chicken stock cubes (optional)
- 12-16 cups quarts water
- 1 lbs pearl barley, sorghum or wheat dried

The nutritional value of the recipe: amount per serving and the total percentage daily value

- Calories 630.5
- Calories from fats 419 66%
- Total fats 46.6g 71%
- Saturated fat 19.2g 96%
- Cholesterol 64.2g 21%
- Sodium 88.2g 3%
- Total carbohydrates 43.2g 14%
- Dietary fibers 8.5g 34%
- Sugars 4.1g 16%
- Proteins 10.5g 21%

What to avoid in diabetic dog food recipes ?

It is important to ensure that the recipe does not have harmful ingredients such as sugar, high-level fat, byproducts and meat bone meals or grain meals in addition allergy triggers.
The recipe should not include preservative such as MSG, BHA, BHT since they tend to aggravate the situation through stimulating the pancreases or being degraded by the liver extra stress that your diabetic dog could do without.

Best dog food brands for the diabetic dogs:

Because taking care of dogs with diabetes is a task in it self it is important to be acquainted with the best dog food brands for the diabetic dogs. These brands have specialized in diabetic dog foods. The list below offers some best brands for your choosing.

a) Merrick Pet Foods
b) Purina Veterinary Diets DCO
c) Solid Gold Northwest Natur-Bones
d) Hills Science Diet
e) Nature's Best
f) Newman's Own Advanced Natural Dog Food
g) Organix Dog Food

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