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The Shyness & Social Anxiety System, a guide that teaches how to manage anxiety thoroughly dissected and analyzed. Check this out.

Three Social Tips for the Shy Guy

Calming nervousness can be accomplished with proper eating habits. Asparagus has folic acid that lightens the mood. Berries have C vitamins that regulate stress hormones. Chocolate similarly achieve the goal by stimulating pleasure receptors in the thinking organ.

Including these food types in your dinner plate will certainly reduce uncontrollable social fear and may somehow boost a shy guy's "inner game". But when the timid individual is thrown into a sea of people, their mental aspects are stimulated and talking to normal people should be reinforced by interactive techniques in order not to feel disappointed.

Proper Introduction

This task sound so basic for the average Joe, but is a huge challenge for introverts. Imagine millions of thoughts flowing to your head. Without a proper mechanism to segregate these thoughts, disaster is just waiting around the corner. This is what most shy guys feel when he is being introduced to a new person.

A social guy's advice to the shy guy is to do the introduction straight away. A "Hi! I'm Rob!" will do. Toss in your name and let the person on the other side of the conversation respond in whatever he or she likes.

Know the Conversation Pie

Some of the shy guy's frustration comes out when he feels rejected. This often originates out because of their lack of knowledge in the conversation distribution. The two persons in a conversation should equally share talking time. When the timid guy feels he is breaking out of his shell and speaks without restraint, the person he is talking to will feel suddenly smothered and will finally decide to bail out. The poor guy, again, ends up in the rejection end of the social cycle.

Learn to Give Compliments

Every person has a need to feel special. He or she would gladly accept a compliment and it would be exponentially gratifying to hear it from a person who rarely talks.

The trick to overcoming social anxiety and giving compliments is to appear genuine. Search for a subject of conversation that will eventually end to a point where you would be giving her praises. Once you've blurted those magic words, your company will feel blessed and warm on the inside.
Anxiety is greatly influenced by genetics. But according to Sean Cooper, a former anxiety sufferer and an expert in combating shyness, the behavior is reversible. Know his personal battles and how he coped with anxiety.

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