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The Wilbanks Smile Center of Toccoa, Georgia Offering Sedation Dentistry

Georgia's Wilbanks Smile Center offers sedation dentistry as an option to help patients with anxiety through dental procedures.

For many patients, going to the dentist can be a distressing experience. These patients tend to have severe anxiety about not only undergoing dental work, but even simply visiting the dentist - commonly known as dental phobia. Since dental visits are necessary for a number oral health, how are these patients able to receive the care they need? The answer is sedation dentistry, and Georgia's Wilbanks Smile Center offers it to their patients.

Sedation dentistry is an ideal solution for patients whose anxiety prevents them from being able to visit the dentist or undergo any dental procedures. By providing a relaxed and stress-free experience for patients, those with phobias or anxiety will be able to properly attend to their oral health without fear or worry.

Essentially, sedation dentistry involves the use of medication to sedate a patient for their procedure. While many think that this simply means the patient will be unconscious, this is not always the case. Sedation actually produces a relaxed state which, in certain cases, will allow the patient to be awake and able to respond to commands. In cases that are more severe, deep sedation is required - putting the patient into a state somewhere between consciousness and unconsciousness.

The benefits of sedation dentistry for patients with anxiety or a phobia are numerous. It can give lengthy, complex procedures the feeling of only lasting a few minutes, and procedures that would typically require multiple visits can be completed in just one. Sedation dentistry can also convince patients to seek dental care whose fears may have made them too apprehensive to do so in the past.

As dental health is important for not only a beautiful smile but also the prevention of a number of different health concerns, regular dental visits are crucial. While those with severe anxiety may have neglected dental visits due to their fears, sedation dentistry allows them the opportunity to take the proper and necessary care of their teeth.

The Wilbanks Smile Center offers sedation dentistry consultations. Interested parties are encouraged to schedule an appointment by phone at (800) 884-9439 or online at http://www.wilbankssmilecenter.com/

About Wilbanks Smile Center

The Wilbanks Smile Center is a dental practice located in Toccoa, Georgia that provides expert care with the use of cutting-edge dental technology. By combining excellent clinical skills with outstanding customer service, patients are ensured a comfortable and successful experience every time they visit. Dr. Joseph H. Wilbanks' 40 years of experience and continued education in implant, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry ensures that he has the skill and knowledge to treat vast array of dental concerns.

The Wilbanks Smile Center can be reached at (800) 884-9439 or http://www.wilbankssmilecenter.com/


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