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The Water Teeter Totter

The Water Teeter Totter equals exercise, fun, competition, and science education for children

Few things entertain children more on a warm summer day than to be squirted with water and to squirt others with water! The Water Teeter Totter is a seesaw for children, which is designed with two entertaining and unique features. As the opposing ends of the Teeter-Totter rise and fall, a pump in the fulcrum assembly sprays water on first one rider and then the other.

The rise-and-fall action of the lever also forces air or water, through a piston pump, into a balloon that inflates at the Teeter-Totter's pivot point until it explodes. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Water Teeter Totter.

The Patent Pending Water Teeter Totter was invented by John Mamelka of San Francisco, CA, who said, "Lightweight and easily portable, the Water Teeter-Totter hooks up to any standard hose. For kids, the Water Teeter-Totter provides active exercise in the company of a friend. Better still, the Teeter-Totter introduces a fun element of competition into the action, as each rider takes glee in spraying his or her partner/opponent. Along with the competition, the two riders are working together to pump up - and explode! -- the balloon or water-balloon that their alternative motions inflate. Also, kids enjoying the Water Teeter-Totter might well take an interest in how it works - leading to some interesting questions about pumps and fluid dynamics."

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