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The Water Bottle Holder

The new Water Bottle Holde prevents beverage containers from rolling around and spilling in a car's trunk.

When buying groceries or packing for a picnic or camping trip, it can sometimes be a hassle carting water bottles or other canned and bottled beverages. The beverages end up rolling around in the back of the car or in the trunk. There is a new product that can prevent this hassle. The Water Bottle/Soda Can Holder, a multi-compartmented receptacle unit, is specially designed to house bottles of beverages when transported in an automobile. It provides a simple yet effective way to prevent these containers from spilling and rolling about. Upon reaching home, the user need only lift the Water Bottle/Soda Can Holder by the handle, and transport all containers into the house at once. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong interest in the Water Bottle Holder.

The Patent Pending Water Bottle Holder was invented by Delly Arajuwa of Paterson, NJ, who said, "The Water Bottle Holder is essentially a flat, elongated, rectangular or circular unit, primarily fabricated of a durable plastic material and outfitted with convenient handles at its top. The face of the Water Bottle/Soda Can Holder has a series of pockets, sized appropriately to house beverage bottles or cans. These individual pockets extend horizontally along the unit, accommodating up to 12 containers. Securing the Water Bottle/Soda Can Holder inside the trunk users need only remove their purchased bottles from the plastic packaging, and place an individual bottle inside each of the available pockets. The body of the bottle is securely held within the pocket, while the top of the bottle is left exposed to offer easy access when needed."

The inventor added, "If multiple cases of beverages or a case with more than 12 containers is bought, additional Water Bottle Holders can be quickly used. When the person reaches home, he or she just lifts the Water Bottle Holder by the handle and carries all of the containers into the house at once."

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