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The Upcoming Launch of Local-business-review.co.uk

This new project focuses on real customer data from around the UK, to provide the customer with detailed information to make an informed purchase for their particular needs.

Local-business-review.co.uk is a site focused on the hard data of customer satisfaction.

Using real customer reviews, interviews, and sales data, as well as marketing budjets, and company statements, they compile pages that help customers decide which is the best company for their chosen job.

A spokesperson from the site said to us.

"We really feel that what some of the larger reviews sites, such as Yelp and Yell.com, are a more in depth look into what the businesses actually provide. We believe the way our site is structured, helps users see on one page, whether or not the business can provide the service they need, which saves on contact costs, and further consultations."

"We are looking forward to 2014, and are currently putting the finishing touches to our site, which will cover reviews from all businesses, in all categories, from Surgeons in London, to Garden Centres in Newcastle".

After the recent reveal that Mastercard will start their own review site using big data (http://www.dataiq.co.uk/news/20131218/mastercard-mines-big-data-review-site), there seems to be ever growing competition for review sites online, and this could possibly just fall back into the crowd.

However, local-business-review.co.uk believe they can beat the best.

"We believe with our unique selling point, the vasts amount of data and inidvidual studies we have made into each business, we can really add extra value to the visitor, and make them choose us over any other review site. The only thing we need now, is more users".
Currently undergoing site maintenance, local-business-review.co.uk will be fully functional for the beginning of March this year.

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