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The Universal Power Port

The Universal Power Port allows user charge his/her phone at this unique station, and watch TV too!

The Universal Power Port is an all-in-one solar-powered charging station and entertainment center. It is designed to be placed indoors or outdoors and would allow consumers to pay a fee in exchange for a timed device recharging session. Free Wi-Fi and other entertainment would also be available to pass the time while devices are charging. The Universal Power Port would be a freestanding solar-powered power station comprised of 10 large locker units, each of which would house several smaller lockers containing an assortment of charging adapters. The user would simply choose the make and model of the device needing the charge from the touch screen monitor, and then select the amount of charging time desired. The user would be given a price quote, and then would be able to pay with cash or credit.

The entire unit would be covered by a canopy to protect The Universal Power Port from bad weather. There would also be solar panels on the canopy to provide power to the entire station. Once the device is locked away and charging, the user can use the free Wi-Fi or watch TV, or even enjoy a touch screen game. Once the time expires, the locker can be opened with the key provided and the phone retrieved. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Universal Power Port.

The Patented Universal Power Port was invented by Kris Ento and Cedric Ento of Lancaster, CA, who said, "This would provide much needed charging capabilities to consumers on-the-go. With the ever growing use of cell phones and other electronic devices, The Universal Power Port would be in high demand."

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