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The Umbrella Brand Spain And The Potential Of All Regions Inside In Tourism Will Improve Sector Performance

"It is important that visitors know that Castilla-La Mancha is also food, wine tourism, industrial tourism or hunting, etc."

The Minister of Employment and Economy of Castilla-La Mancha, Carmen Home, said today that "after our meeting yesterday in Toledo all regions of interior, has shown that joint actions in tourism, under the umbrella brand of Spain, will serve to improve tourism data we currently have. "

Therefore, recalled that "we are preparing joint strategic actions to end the seasonality of tourism of sun and beach and stand before the world as an attractive alternative for the visitor."

This was said Home during an interview on Spanish television news, which pointed out that tourism is in our region represents 12 percent of GDP and employs more than 42,000 people.

The Minister of Employment and Economy said that "now that we are on the threshold of Holy Week, a time when increasing the number of tourists, it is important that everyone know that Castilla-La Mancha and heritage not only nature but Also wine tourism, gastronomic tourism, industry, hunting or adventure, among others. " As revealed Casero, these types of tourism product "are increasingly demanded by the potential audience."

During the interview, Casero has also underlined the importance of implementing common rules in the field of rural accommodation "for all regions we can use the same nomenclature and scales with which catalog the stores." Otherwise, he warned, "it will be very difficult for us to go with a single voice in the promotion strategy both nationally and internationally."

The Minister has made it "almost certainly, at the next meeting tourism sector we can finalize the legislation, which has already been advanced in meetings interior regions have been conducted in the past year."

Marca España
In reference to the brand "Spain" Home has assured that "Castilla-La Mancha is doing very well with this brand and obviously we will try to take advantage of its potential to complement tourism of sun and beach majority of our country ".

Finally, the Minister of Employment and Economy also assessed rural housing forecasts ahead of Easter. "We hope that eventually occupancy data confirm that, indeed, we may say in a week that the hoteliers have improved their turnover," he stated.

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