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The TRIC! Tric Trac Troe

The TRIC! Tric Trac Troe is a much more challenging version of the classic game of Tic Tac Toe.

Game players of all ages, need a challenging game- one that is a new twist on an old classic? That game is TRIC! Tric Trac Troe. A specially designed variation on the game of Tic Tac Toe, the TRIC! Tric Trac Troe provides all ages with a more challenging, yet exceptionally fun new way to play this classic game.

The primary objective of TRIC! is the reversal of the strategy of the original game. In TRIC! players try to get their opponent to get the common "three-in-a-row" formation, which makes one lose the game instead of winning it. Another difference is that this brain-teasing challenge game has 16 blocks in four rows and columns, instead of 9 blocks in three rows and columns. Competing as individuals or in teams, players flip a coin to determine who plays "X" first. The player or team that is able to leave their opponent no choice but to create "three-in-a-row" is declared the winner. (It is possible to achieve a two-way or three-way win, meaning that a player can score as many as three wins in one match.) Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer response to TRIC ! Tric Trac Troe.

The Patent Pending TRIC! Tric Trac Troe was invented by Hipolito Colon of Flushing, NY, who envisioned this product while playing tic tac toe with his daughters and realized that the game had to be more challenging. He said, "TRIC! Tric Trac Troe can be offered as a physical, magnetic board game, a paper-based game printed in book form, a digital version for tablets or integrated into a smartphone application, or as a game played on hand-held electronic gaming devices. Team competitions could also be played over the internet on one's home computer or on their smartphone."

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