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The Trash-N-Tear Saves Time and Energy

The new Trash-N-Tear saves time and energy and is a unique trash can that has built-in replacement trash bags that are always accessible when needed.

The daily chores-no one likes to do them, but they must be done. One daily chore that can be especially burdensome is emptying the trash. How many times has one walked upstairs to empty the trash can, only to realize that they have forgotten to bring a replacement trash bag with them and have to make an extra trip downstairs and back up again? How many times has one emptied the trash can and then realized that they have forgotten to buy replacement bags? The Trash-N-Tear line of trash cans ensures one always has a replacement trash bag. The trash cans offer a safe and time-saving way to collect, remove, and replace bin liners with maximum efficiency. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer interest in Trash-N-Tear.

The Patent Pending Trash-N-Tear was invented by Keith Bok of Brookfield, CT, who said, "This product consists of two components- the Trash-N-Tear trash cans and the bag rolls which are used with the trash cans. The cans can be produced in a variety of sizes and materials, from plastic and stainless steel for light-duty home models, to aluminum or other metals for high-volume business use. Also, the cans in this line can be lidded as deemed necessary. Inside the body of the can, at the bottom, is an integrated dispenser through which the roll of replacement trash bags are fed. To empty the trash can, one simply pulls out the full trash bag and pulls up a new replacement trash bag."

The inventor added, "Everyone should welcome this product that can greatly aid in doing the daily chores. Whether a homeowners or a sanitation worker in a large business, the Trash-N-Tear saves significant time and energy when taking out the trash."

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