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The Trash Cans with Permanent Lid …

Trash Cans with Permanent Lid work perfectly for residential and commercial Use and keeps out precipitation and pests, but keeps odors inside the can.

There are several problems with exterior trash cans. Lids may be lost or blown away, which may result in homeowners paying stiff fines because of the trash spread across grounds. Animal pests ranging from raccoons to roaches may be able to get inside the trash can. Even with the lid securely on the can, unpleasant odors may still escape. The Trash Cans with Permanent Lid solves these problems. The Trash Cans with Permanent Lid, a product line of heavy-duty rolling trash receptacles, has a unique, interlocking, magnetic lid system. The lid keeps the contents secure and safe from precipitation and animal pests when closed, yet remains open by magnetic attraction when the cans are opened for emptying. The lids will not be lost or blown away and odors are contained within the trash can. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer interest in Trash Cans with Permanent Lid.

The Patent Pending Trash Cans with Permanent Lid was invented by Doris Gischel of Baltimore, MD, who said, "The material used for construction of the Trash Cans with Permanent Lid is a lightweight and exceptionally tough and durable laminate, composed of an inner ¼ inch layer of aluminum alloy that prevents rodents from chewing through the can, with an outer ¼ inch layer of a thermoplastic polymer or a synthetic rubber. The permanent lid is a two-piece, interlocking unit, hinged on either side and interlocking with alternating, overlapping tabs-similar to the lids of plastic shipping crates. The top of each of the two interlocking lids has a permanently mounted magnet and the sides of the can are equipped with two steel tabs or plates. The position of these on the exterior sides of the can correspond to the positions of the magnets when the lids are fully opened and swung down on either side. When the lids are fully opened, the magnets secure the two halves of the lid to either side of the can-keeping it fully opened and out of the way during the emptying process. Once the can is emptied, one simply lifts the lids and returns them to the closed position."

The inventor added, "The Trash Cans with Permanent Lid is offered in various shapes, sizes, and styles. The cans are durable and should last for many years. These are perfect for both industrial and commercial use." The product website of the Trash Cans with Permanent Lid is

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