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The Tires of the 21st Century, Designer Tires

The Tires of the 21st Century, Designer Tires, are a truly unique accessory for customizing a car, motorcycle, or bicycle

Whether one has just bought a new car from the manufacturer or wants to fix up a pet clunker, customization adds a personal touch that declares one's style and personality. The rewards of personal satisfaction and the admiration of fellow drivers are well worth the effort. One way to customize an automobile is with Designer Tires. A line of specially designed tires, Designer Tires are offered in an assortment of attractive colors. They provide not only motorists, but also bikers, and cyclists with a more personalized, eye-catching alternative to standard black tires. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer response to the Designer Tires.

The Patent Pending Designer Tires was invented by Carlayne Sims of New York, NY, who said, "Manufactured of durable rubber and reinforced threaded steel material, the Designer Tires are offered in a variety of sizes, treads, and models appropriate for use with many makes and models, such as all season touring radials, wet traction tires, ultra-performance street radials, and aggressive performance tires. The inner tubes of the Designer Tires are also available in colors to match the parent tires. Customized words may be featured and phrases along the exterior of the wheels."

The inventor added, "Customers may buy a set of four tires for a car in the same color or they can mix and match individual tires to create a truly customized look. Designer Tires are an attractive, decorative accent for those who enjoy customizing their automobile, bicycle, motorcycle, RVs, tractor trailer, or truck."

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