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The Terri Levine Show Goes Live

The Terri Levine Show (http://www.TheTerriLevineShow.com), a popular podcast known for offering listeners "business advice they can take to the bank" will air live on a weekly basis.

In an ever-changing America, it is important to always have the latest advice when it comes to business. The Terri Levine Show (http://www.TheTerriLevineShow.com), a popular podcast known for offering listeners "business advice they can take to the bank" has increased its reach. Now instead of just offering podcasts, the show will air live on a weekly basis every Thursday at 3:00 PM ET. Each 50 minute live radio show will also air on iHeartRadio and W4CY Radio (http://w4cy.com/).

In addition to the live time slot, episodes will also air regularly on W4CY Radio:
Sundays - 2-2:30 PM ET
Mondays - 9:30-10:00 PM ET
Tuesdays - 9-9:30 AM ET
Wednesdays - 9-9:30 PM ET
Thursdays - 9:30-10:00 PM ET
Fridays - 9-9:30 AM ET
Saturdays - 2-2:30 PM ET

This show is created for small business owners looking for the best tips to grow their business, improve their marketing, increase their sales, amp up their social media or improve their networking. In every single episode Terri will interview a successful Entrepreneur who will share tips, tools and resources providing solid actions and information to help move a person or business forward. Listeners can enjoy the show as they commute, workout, or just take some daily time to improve themselves and their business!

According to Levine, "We just amped up the game. We were already getting amazing guests who range from CEOs, executives, managers and leaders to start up entrepreneurs to experienced entrepreneurs who were giving listeners their secret advice and guidance that has made them hugely successful. Wait till our listeners hear who we have lined up now."

More information on the broadcasts can be found at www.TheTerriLevineshow.com.

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