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The Swiss 'Singing Diplomat' Wows Rizal Park

Raoul is no newcomer on the music scene. Born and raised in Switzerland he just celebrated 50 years of a career as a singer/ performer and some 15 years as a composer.

The 'Singing Diplomat' Raoul Imbach together with his band, The Wild Tortillas presented his newest album including his tagalog adaptations in his first Philippine solo concert at the Rizal Park, June 1st, Sunday evening.

With 20 dancers from Salsa Congress Manila on stage and some of the public joining in, "It was a good concert-party where you suddenly feel you are just between 1600 friends having fun." Raoul said.

Raoul is the Deputy Head of Mission of the Swiss Embassy. Diplomat and entertainer, Raoul plans to continue sharing his songs and his passion for music with the Filipinos for the next 3 years.

Since his arrival in Manila, Raoul has met many talented Filipino musicians and formed his accompanying band "The Wild Tortillas". Together with the Wild Tortillas, Raoul has performed for private functions and shared the stage with Swiss artists at the CCP and Rizal Park during the recent Francophonie Festival.

Raoul has released 10 albums of his own compositions. He has performed around the world and made the music stage his second home. As head of cultural affairs, Raoul hopes to rally 10 to 15 Swiss companies active in the Philippines to support the Fund. The Fund was recently inaugurated on May 26th.

When asked what keeps him going, "I can't leave without my music and without sharing it with one or one thousand persons. It is part of me, it seems to be as important as the air I breath. I had it in me since I was born, a blessing or a nice curse I don't know but nothing I can do to stop it."

The event was presented by Swiss Cultural Fund Philippines, created to foster cultural exchanges between Switzerland and the Philippines. It pertains to give Filipinos more opportunities to discover Swiss artists and get acquainted with the Swiss culture while Swiss artists will get to appreciate the Philippine culture and, where possible, create synergies.

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