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The Stacker-For the Microwave

The Stacker-For the Microwave is a convenient and fast way to prepare several dishes in the microwave at one time

Microwaves have certainly changed the way we cook, but they do have their drawbacks. Most microwaves only accommodate one meal at a time, which leaves a person waiting for his or her food to be cooked while others are already eating their meals. Family and friends are not able to eat together at the same time. The Stacker-For the Microwave eliminates this hassle. A line of adjustable, elevated shelving surfaces, The Stacker-For the Microwave provides a convenient way to expand the cooking capabilities of microwaves, allowing multiple food to be prepared at the same time.

Square in shape and produced in a variety of sizes to fit most household microwave models, The Stacker-For the Microwave is manufactured of a durable, clear Lexan material (a registered trademark of SABIC Innovative Plastics), ensuring even cooking. There are also a series of holes to facilitate unencumbered distribution of heat. The vertical leg supports can be raised or lower as desired to accommodate different sizes of foods. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer response to The Stacker-For the Microwave.

Patent Pending, The Stacker-For the Microwave was invented by Sandra and Jeffery Allen of San Pedro, CA, who said, "One simply places a Stacker unit directly above the microwave's turntable with the legs outside of the turntable so that the the turntable can move freely. One meal can be place on the turntable and another atop the Stacker. If desired, a second Stacker unit can be set on top of the first Stacker for cooking three full meals at one time. Extremely easy to install and affordably priced, The Stacker-For the Microwave can be applied and removed in a matter of seconds. Durable and easily cleaned, it is able to withstand repeated use. Not only for household, the time saving and low-maintenance aspects of The Stacker-For the Microwave make it ideal for use in restaurants and convenience stores."

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