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The Spatula With a Finger Activated Tong Attachment

The Spatula With a Finger Activated Tong Attachment — flips burgers with ease and keeps meat from breaking up

The Spatula With a Finger Activated Tong Attachment is a utensil designed to offer restaurant chefs, backyard barbecue enthusiasts, and household cooks a simple, convenient, and effective tool for
handling foods being cooked on a grill. It is a sturdy spatula that acts in conjunction with a trigger operated fork. It will act as a spatula, tongs, and a meat thermometer, giving grill cooks three essential tools in one, making it easier to grasp and handle foods on the grill. The spatula will be made from stainless steel with a 4 inch spatula
and a 9 ½ inch handle.

The handle will be made of an ergonomically comfortable synthetic rubber. The fork will have a spring loaded hinge with a trigger style ring to activate it. Two versions will be made available, economy and deluxe. The deluxe would incorporate a digital meat thermometer in the prongs. This invention will make life simpler and more convenient for the grill and barbecue cook. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Spatula With a Finger Activated Tong Attachment.

The Patent Pending Spatula With a Finger Activated Tong Attachment was invented by Michael Kephart, of Beaverdam, VA, who said, "The idea for this device came about while trying to save a burger from being broken to pieces on the grill. This spatula will make grilling much easier with it's flattened, two pronged, trigger operated turning fork. And, best of all, it works perfectly!"

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