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The Snow Car Hoodie

If you use the Snow Car Hoodie Snow Car Hoodie you will never brush or scrape ice and snow again!

Are you tired of having to stand out in the freezing weather to scrape the snow and ice off of your car windshield? If you had the Snow Car Hoodie your problem would be solved. The Snow Car Hoodie is a lightweight, weatherproof protective cover for the roof, front and rear glass, windows, wipers, exterior mirrors, door handles and door-locks of passenger motor vehicles that are parked outside during snow and ice storms.

The Snow Car Hoodie is both easy to install and easy to remove. It collects all of the snow and ice that would otherwise cover these areas. You simply remove the Hoodie to be ready for winter driving - no brush or scraper required! Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Snow Car Hoodie.

The Patent Pending Snow Car Hoodie was invented by Yonny Mercera of Bronx, NY, who said, "Produced in a variety of sizes and fabricated in a tough and durable canvas, or a synthetic, weatherproof "canvas" fabric, the Snow Car Hoodie is secured in place by several adjustable toggle-straps that secure, by rubberized clips or hooks, to the edges of the hood, trunk, and/or the doors. In addition, magnets are also integrated along the entire bottom of the unit. When you wish to drive your covered vehicle, you simply loosen and remove the fastening end of the toggle-straps, and slide the Snow Car Hoodie off the vehicle. There is no scraping or brushing required; no need to wait for the door-locks or exterior mirrors to thaw. Your vehicle is clean and snow-free where this is important for visibility and safety, saving you both time and energy. Also, since ice-scrapers can scratch and damage a windshield, the Snow Car Hoodie also serves to protect the windshield and other glass surfaces from such damage."

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