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Any parent concerned about the future of their children realizes the value and importance of education. Choosing the best schooling option among those available in the vicinity can often be a hard nut to crack.

Parents usually lack the means and time to get the information necessary to properly assess the teaching level of a school. Fortunately, the digital age changes this aspect of our daily lives with the arrival of a practical tool, EduInfo, designed specifically to meet the requirements of every parent.

EduInfo is a functional online resource that can aid the school choosing process at every step of education - its comprehensive database covers information on primary, secondary and high schools. All schools are categorized according to their location - EduInfo will generate a detailed report on every English region, county or city. From the statistics displayed on the page, we can learn, for instance, that the city of Spalding, Lincolnshire, boasts 37 primary schools, 11 secondary schools and 7 high schools. Thanks to this functionality, we can instantly see all the schooling facilities available in our vicinity and, if we don't find the results satisfactory, we can always check the nearby cities and counties for alternative options.

Once we decide on a particular school, EduInfo will develop a thorough report that covers a wide range of information relevant to the school choice. Apart from the most basic data, such as the school's reference number or its precise geographical location shown on an interactive map, EduInfo features information about the current enrollment figures with gender breakdown. Scrolling down, we can access school's census statistics that, among others, show the percentage of pupils for whom English is not the first language or the number of pupils eligible for free meals.

A different kind of statistics shown on EduInfo covers the subject of school's spending. The data displayed shows in detail the school's overall spending, its grant funding and the amounts paid for various aspects of school life, from teaching staff and maintenance to catering and educational facilities. Having both current and historical data at hand, we can easily predict the direction of the school's development as far as its spending is concerned - will the school invest in healthier lunches or more innovative schooling equipment?

Another point of interest is the part that shows the school's average performance on key level tests. EduInfo displays scores for both general and subject tests, featuring levels like K1, K2 and K3. Apart from getting a detailed account that demonstrates precisely the teaching level of the school, parents get all this information contrasted with the average of the region and the whole of England, allowing an even more accurate assessment. By encapsulating all data in comprehensible visuals like diagrams and graphs, EduInfo takes the school choosing process to the next level and makes sure that our choice of a schooling institution benefits our children in future.

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