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Such a fascinating topic. It seems as though we're only beginning to realise the potential of hypnosis, but it's been used for hundreds of years.The following is a brief overview of hypnosis down through the years, and you might be a little intrigued

What a fascinating subject. It seems as though we're only just starting to understand the power of hypnosis, but it's been around for a long time.The following is a brief overview of hypnosis down through the years, and you may be a little intrigued with a few of its uses.

It was in the year 1841 that James Braid coined the term Hypnosis, but prior to that it was known as Mesmerism. The reason Braid felt compelled to change the name was because of new understandings in the way hypnosis really works. The old practitioners of Mesmerism had thought that it was due to some magical power or knowledge they practised, that caused mesmerism. It was Braid who made the discovery that the Mesmerist did not have any unique power, but rather the state happened by what was happening in the subject's thoughts.

Emile Coue was inspired to publish a book on auto-suggestion. His approach was a product of Braids work before him. The face of hypnosis was changing as people now came to look upon hypnosis through the eyes of a participant, instead of one under the power of the hypnotist.
Professor Sigmond Freud started working with hypnosis to aid his method of psychoanalysis coming to the latter part of the 19th century, unfortunately he felt it had little benefit. It has been reported by some that, after his books went to print reported that he wouldn't have stopped using hypnotherapy, if he could have known known as much about it earlier in his career.

A different approach of hypnosis became known through the works of Milton Erickson circa the 50's. It moved away from the more classical methods, and became known as indirect hypnosis. Psychologist Milton Erickson was best known for the techniques he used with clients who had trouble entering hypnosis with other therapists.

A much more direct type of hypnosis was taught to doctors and dentists during the same time period by Dave Elman. Dave Elman taught a very direct approach to hypnosis which gets great results with pain control and in the field of hypnotherapy. Even now some of his approaches are being taught for their rapid results.

Ormond McGill died in 2005, a hypnotist who enriched the lives of many people. Known to many as 'The Dean of American Hypnosis', he authored many books about stage hypnosis. He was best known for his stage hypnosis work, however it must be said he was also brilliant as a therapist as well.

Considered by many to be the most respected hypnotist of our time, Gil Boyne was buried in 2010. Gill made a name for himself for his tremendous innovations in the study of hypno-analysis, which has expanded the systems created by Dave Elman immensely. Inspiration for the book 'Transforming Therapies' known as 'The Bible' in the field of hypno-analysis.

Currently there are too many outstanding contributors in the field of hypnosis to mention. With the arrival of the internet, there is an explosive amount of interaction among therapists, which has given rise to innovative approaches in helping physical pain, such as migraines and diabetes, on top of the traditional interventions areas of quitting smoking and improving eating habits.
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