The Secret Reason Why Menopause Makes Women Suffer? With Guest Lynda Wyzda

In this episode of Ask Dr. Love radio, Dr. Jamie Turndorf discusses how menopause exposes unhealed psychological traumas and how this suffering can be a springboard to healing oneself body, mind and soul.

Tuesday at 1pm (EST) on Talk Zone Radio:

In this episode of Ask Dr. Love Radio, Dr. Jamie Turndorf (aka Dr. Love) discusses how unhealed childhood trauma is an often overlooked trigger that exacerbates the physical and psychological symptoms associated with menopause.

Join Dr. Jamie Turndorf for this week's episode of Ask Dr. Love Radio. She will be talking with Lynda Wyzda, author of Menopause in Crisis: The Summer I Lost My Mind.

As Dr. Turndorf explains, menopause exposes pre-existing psychological fault lines--offering us a chance to finally heal ourselves body, mind and soul.

In Lynda's case, buried memories of childhood abuse came crashing to consciousness, causing all kinds of emotional upheaval, including a racing heart, anxiety and panic…

After over four years of struggle, Lynda emerged from the ashes. Her journey back to health led to certifications in Transpersonal Studies/Spiritual Mentoring as well as certifications in Transpersonal Hypnosis, Yoga, and Reiki.

Tune in to find out the best mind/body practices for healing the Old Scars from childhood that menopause exposes.

This show is for any woman who is looking to head-off a menopause crisis of her own or wishing to heal from a menopausal crisis that's underway.

In addition, this show will develop empathy in those listeners who are involved with women who are having difficulty.

Join Dr. Turndorf and Lynda Wyzda for an informative and healing conversation.

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