The Second Annual Sailfish Tournament Swims Into Key West April 23-27

For the second year in a row, deep water fishermen and women from all over the world will come to Key West to take their shot against some of the most formidable fish in the ocean.

There is nowhere else in the world like Key West, Florida when it comes to salt water fishing. Regardless of what type of fishing experience you are looking for and what you are hoping to catch, there is a chance to do it there. From fishing the back country flats to trolling the bottom to heading out to the reef or going deep into the Atlantic, any fish you can imagine is going to be out there. This is why the organizers, after a successful event last year, have brought the international sailfish tournament back to the pristine waters off of Key West.

"One of the most common compliments we got last year was not just how good the fishing was, but how great it was to be able to spend the off time in Key West," tournament director Mike Weinhofer said when announcing this year's tournament. "Most of us know how good the fishing is here; that's why we live here. But to hear how much the visitors enjoyed the Key West restaurants and everything else that the city has to offer made it a no-brainer for me to bring the tournament back here for another successful run."

With four days of fishing and both professionals as well as amateurs eligible for substantial cash prizes, it is the type of event that offers something for everyone. Even if you aren't a fisherman or woman yourself, it is still a great time to come and visit. You can see some of the finest fishing craft to hit the water, and the town, already an exciting place to visit, comes even more alive when it is host to an event that is centered on the water, something that many of the people who work at the waterfront Key West bars and restaurants echoed.

"It's exciting to see all of these people out and about, and listen to all of their stories when they come back in," one server at a harbor-side restaurant was overheard saying. "I don't care if most of their stories are about the ones that got away… it is a great time to be in Key West."

Robert Willis is a food and travel writer based in Key West.


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