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The Safety Auto Decal

The new Safety Auto Decal helps to prevent accidents by warning drivers of a roadside impaired vehicle.

Many times a vehicle has accidentally hit another motorist who has broken down on the side of the highway. Lives and vehicular property have been needlessly destroyed because a motorist has been unable to clearly see the disabled vehicle. With the Safety Auto Decal, these accidents can be avoided.

The Safety Auto Decal is an effective mountable LED light topped reflective flag which is mounted on top of the disabled automobile's roof. It alerts other drivers on the road that a stalled or otherwise impaired vehicle is on the roadway. The drivers can then prevent both traffic congestion incidents. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Safety Auto Decal.

The Patent Pending Safety Auto Decal was invented by Wendolyn Smith of Houston, TX, who said, "The Safety Auto Decal consists of three different parts - the flag, the pole and the footer. The flag is made of a highly-reflective and brightly-emblazoned plastic, that resists saturation and water damage. It is in a photo-luminescent manner, allowing it to glow in the dark after being exposed to extended periods of illumination. The footer element of the Safety Auto Decal is a heavy duty suction cup base for steadfast mounting on the vehicle roof. The flag is about one foot high and is finished at the top end with a LED or infrared circular light. Within the triangular configuration of the flag is an exclamation point to signify a disabled vehicle."

The inventor added, "When drivers need to signal other drivers for caution, they should use the Safety Auto Decal. All they need to do is to suction the flag on top of the disabled car's roof. The flag will be easily seen by other motorists from all directions. The other motorists can then avoid a collision and possibly give aid to the stranded driver."

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