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The Rise of Gluten Free Food and Luxury Gifts in UK

People are becoming increasingly aware of their health and the foods they consume.

People are becoming increasingly aware of their health and the foods they consume. Medicine has also vastly improved so nowadays intolerance to food is normally quickly and easily spotted. Both examples go some way into explaining why gluten free food has become so popular.

Gluten free food is normally avoided because of celiac disease and can often make a person feel unwell due to the inability of not being able to absorb the nutrition they need. Others are just sensitive to gluten, and may experience irritated skin.

Others feel that gluten is generally bad for you, and avoid it for lifestyle reasons, either way gluten free food is a necessity for these consumers.

Gluten free products, once upon a time, were a struggle to find for the average consumer. Nowadays they can be found online, in supermarkets and many established products are now proud to show off they are gluten free. Supermarkets now stock the most popular items, although a wider variety is available online.

A new market has already been created in the form of gluten free gifts, for example offer luxury gluten free hampers as a gift for a loved one or friend. They are packaged beautifully and make for an ideal present if you know someone with intolerance. There are also several gift baskets to choose from including gluten free biscuits, Gluten Free Hampers and tea or champagne and chocolates!

So what next for gluten free? Well according to most, the market will keep expanding to cater for the growing number of people with some sort of health reason for choosing gluten free products or those who simply wish to buy them for their general well being.

I for one am happy for this change and the fact that consumers have become so powerful in today's market place. Only a decade ago, such food was rare, and people would have suffered because of this. As we become even more health conscious the rise in gluten free products like Gluten Free Biscuits, Gluten Free Hamper, etc will keep increasing.

Really Truly Gluten Free is a website selling luxury gluten free gifts and gluten free food online. Launched in October 2013, this exciting new company is passionate about sourcing delicious gluten free foods and bringing them together to create gifts that look and taste fantastic. Each gift is hand packaged in a jute bag, wrapped with ribbon and a personal gift message attached.

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