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The Remotely Controlled Fun Ball

The Remotely Controlled Fun Ball is a novel, fun, and whimsical toy for pets and children.

Many pet owners experience the joy of interacting with their dogs and cats in whimsical play. These interactions not only bring joy to the pet owners, but also promotes activity and exercise for the pets. The Fun Ball, a remotely controlled and sound activated toy for pets, allows pet owners to interact with their dogs and cats, and keeps pets company when their owners are away or busy. The Fun Ball toy may also be enjoyed by small children as well. With its voice recorder, parents can leave comforting messages for their children when leaving them with a babysitter or at day care.

A sizable, spherical shape, the Fun Ball has a toy inside, such as a mouse, a dog, a bone, or a cat. The toy figure is on a wheeled platform, which allows it to roll against the inner walls of the ball. A receiver chip inside works in tandem with a transmitting, companion remote control deice. This remote has buttons for turning the unit on and off, and for moving it forwards and backwards. A voice recorder allows owners to leave comforting messages for their pets or children while they are away. A fun laser to be chased emanates from the toy figure. Additionally, the unit also has a sound and motion activating component to the receiver, which causes the Fun Ball to engage whenever an external sound is created or movement is detected. If a pet must spend its day alone, a bark from the dog, the sound of the phone ringing, or even the doorbell chiming can activate the Fun Ball, engaging the pet during the long and lonely afternoon. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Fun Ball.

The Patent Pending Fun Ball was invented by Rosse Mary Peavey of League City, TX, who said, "The pet owner simply places the Fun Ball by the pet, turns it on, and chooses a directional button. After capturing the pet's attention, the pet owner uses the remote to move the ball in any direction. The Fun Ball can amuse pets for hours, giving them exercise and energy release. Also, the sound activation feature should be ideal for pets left at home during work days and evenings."

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