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The Reminder Is Health Aid For All

The Reminder is a subtle way to remind ALL restroom users to wash their hands before leaving.

Personal well-being and the good health of those around you is vitally important in this day and age. One of the first things we hear from medical professionals is "WASH YOUR HANDS" and that comes from mothers too. Yet, those three words are not always adhered to when one is in a rush. The Reminder is an audible and informative reminder that reminds people in restrooms to wash their hands before leaving. The intent of this product is to ensure that users respond when presented with its message and endorse the Wash Your Hands message before leaving the restroom. Nine various messages are available and only three of them follow:

1. Please Wash Your Hands Before Leaving....Did you know — According to the center of Disease Control, Hand Washing is the SINGLE most EFFECTIVE WAY to stop the spread of disease.

2. Please Wash Your Hands Before Leaving...Did you know — 20 seconds of scrubbing with soap and water can keep you from getting sick.

3. Please Wash Your Hands Before Leaving...Did you know — Almost 50% or all food borne illness outbreaks can be prevented by proper hand washing.

Washing the hands is an inexpensive and effective way to ensure employee and customer compliance with proper practices associated with hand washing after bathroom use. The Reminder has the potential of being mandated in all public facility bathrooms such as department stores, malls, hospitals, doctors offices, restaurants, and more, just as smoke detectors are now. Televised test marketing indicates strong consumer interest in The Reminder.

The patent pending The Reminder was invented by Jesse Stanley, Sr. of New Haven, CT who said, "It is impossible to resist a warning when this device reminds bathroom users to wash their hands. It looks a bit like a bar of soap in which the electronic parts are enclosed. The wiring triggers an event every time the motion sensor detects movement. The Reminder comes with nine different messages. The above three are sample messages. Each of the nine messages have a vital and effective message and should be utilized in all public restrooms. Why? Because, it works! "

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