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The Quick Guide to Mexican Spanish E-Book Free For A Limited Time

The full version of the dictionary-style eBook will be free only at Amazon.com, between February 1st and the 5th of 2014.

Speaking Latino announces that the Kindle eBook Quick Guide to Mexican Spanish will be available for free download for a limited time.

The full version of the dictionary-style eBook will be free only at Amazon.com (http://goo.gl/F4P5dx), between February 1st and the 5th of 2014.

This book will be of interest to anyone learning Spanish for travel to or business in Mexico. Mexicans learning English and anyone looking to reconnect with their Mexican family and roots will also benefit from this book.

Author Jared Romey from Speaking Latino, a website specializing in local Spanish and Spanish slang, explains that "Spanish vocabulary changes significantly from one country to the next. Yet, I learned this only when I was already living abroad, stumbling through the local Spanish. No one had ever mentioned this in my years of classes. To avoid similar confusions for people, I published this and other country-specific books to help foreigners and Spanish learners like me understand what is not in the textbooks."

The Quick Guide to Mexican Spanish is a dictionary-style book of words and phrases that help English-speakers understand Mexican Spanish vocabulary and slang. It collects more than 450 terms and sayings with summarized English definitions and example sentences. The book includes colloquial Mexican words that you will likely run across in everyday conversations.

This book is one of eleven books on local Spanish and Spanish slang that Speaking Latino and Romey have published since 2005. Books for Chile and Puerto Rico have been bestsellers in their local markets.

To obtain the free Quick Guide to Mexican Spanish e-book, visit the Amazon page at http://goo.gl/F4P5dx between February 1st and the 5th and download it to your device.

This free offer is not exclusive only for Kindle owners. It may also be read using the free Kindle reading app on other smart phones and tablets. Just download the app at Amazon.

Speaking Latino explores the local Spanish from across the Spanish-speaking world with books and eBooks that collect and translate thousands of Spanish slang words and phrases, articles on Spanish used in specific countries, Spanish learning tips and a searchable Spanish slang dictionary. Visit Speaking Latino at http://www.speakinglatino.com/.

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