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The Purchase of a Used Piano When Your Children Are Beginning Piano Lessons

The selection of the used piano is a decision which is undertaken with several other decisions simultaneously.

The selection of the used piano is a decision which is undertaken with several other decisions simultaneously. These decisions are:

1) Selecting a Teacher.
2) Is an electronic keyboard a valid substitute for an acoustic piano?
3) And then, of course if a piano which piano? And if a keyboard then which keyboard?

The reason the selection of the teacher is of primary importance is that by selecting the teacher, the parents are selecting and committing to a philosophy of music instruction. Happily, these days, many teachers base their instruction on a wonderfully successful philosophy of music instruction referred to as music for young children.

This type of instruction employs harmonious duets with student and teacher playing at the same time. The student plays simple measures of music at his/her level. The teacher plays the accompaniment and the student hears both. This results in an enhancement of both the students musical grasp and skill level. Most importantly, for the parents, the students progress becomes a predictable learning curve. The parents are free to commit to music instruction just like reading or math.

No parent ever says Our child is doing very well in the third grade and if they take to? this reading and math, then we will try them in the fourth grade next year. The parents know because they themselves have mastered reading and math that they can manage their childs learning curve to mastery.

The same success can be expected in music.

Next month, we will discuss a keyboard versus an acoustic piano.

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