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The Protective Gardening Guards

The Protective Gardening Guards cover and protect the lower legs while giving a cushiony padding for knees making gardening duties easier on the gardener.

Home gardeners and landscapers, want to protect knees and lower legs from grass, grass stains, weeds, and other yard debris without having to wear hot, heavy layers of clothing? A new product, the Gardening Guards, allows one to do just that. A line of protective sheathes, the Gardening guards are specially designed to cover the knees and lower legs and provide an effective shield against yard debris, while giving cushiony padding for the knees, so that gardeners can kneel pain-free and comfortably in order to attend to weeding and planting.

The Gardening Guards are 18 inch squares of stretchable, durable denim material. A cushioned, soft rubber knee pad is at the top with easily adjustable Velcro® straps which are wrapped around the knee, ensuring a comfortable, non-cumbersome fit for any wearer regardless of stature. The attached denim material hangs down over the shins so that it completely covers the lower legs from the knees to the top of the feet. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Gardening Guards.

The Patent Pending Gardening Guards was invented by Samuel Empson of Lester, PA, who said, "With the Gardening Guards, gardeners can dress light while working in the hot sun. They can wear shorts instead of long pants and still have a protective barrier that allows the skin to remain cool, thanks to the breathable denim material. Another advantage of the Gardening Guards is that they can be removed outside, preventing debris from being tracked into the home or car. Relatively simple in design, yet extremely effective in application, the Gardening Guards can be applied and removed in a matter of seconds."

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