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The Pro Umbrella Is A Canopy Full Of Cooling Air

The cooling fans in the parasol/umbrella are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts on those hot humid days.

Do you want to stay extra cool on those hot summer days? The Pro Umbrella is a parasol/umbrella that is enhanced with cooling capabilities in the form of a motorized, battery operated powerful fan system. It provides outdoor enthusiasts with a more effective shield and cooling device against the harmful, hot rays of the sun. Available in a variety of attractive colors and styles, the Pro Umbrella can be sold in several sizes, from small (handheld) to extra large (outdoor furniture) sizes. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Pro Umbrella.

The Patent Pending Pro Umbrella was invented by Michell Rush of Brooklyn, NY, who said, "The Pro Umbrella resembles a standard umbrella, but its cooling capabilities are what set it apart from the common umbrella. Two compact yet powerful fan units are in the Pro Umbrella canopy and are operated by components located in the handle. The Pro Umbrella provides outdoor enthusiasts with more effective protection against the harmful rays and heat of a hot sun. One can bask on the sandy shores of a beach or enjoy the excitement of outdoor sporting events, picnics, and barbecues. It can even be used as coverage for baby strollers."

Another added important benefit is the constant flow of air proving especially beneficial to users who may have difficulty breathing. Since increasing humidity can hinder sufficient oxygen intake, use of a product such as the Pro Umbrella can ensure that these individuals are able to enjoy the outdoors without exacerbating their conditions.

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