The Popular Commercial Free Web Radio Has Successfully Completed One Year

MetalWeb radio, the popular commercial free web radio and community provider has successfully completed one year

Metal Web Radio

MetalWeb is all about metal web radio and community for headbangers.On MetalWeb,one can discover the latest from the metal underground.At http://metalwebonlineradio.com ,one can get the smashing new bands that are breaking in to the metal scene.All metal genders are welcome including classical heavy metal, speed, trash, doom, black, death, goth, prog metal and many more.

MetalWeb is the only web radio that is streaming music 24 hours a day and absolutely commercial free and music from new bands 24/7.The radio stream includes a mix stream of different bands playing non stop,different radio shows created by member radio hosts and a channel of most popular songs.

Metal Videos

New videos from bands featured on metalWeb will be posted in the special video section.And it is also possible for bands to be promoted on the new MetalWeb YouTube channel for more exposure.

Band opportunities

MetalWeb provides not only a commercial free web radio,but also a unique opportunity to promote the bands on the website.As a member,one can apply for a web radio host role and create a show playing the favorite tracks in an event.

For ambitious bands,this can be the community to get noticed by record labels and event Booker's as well as a place to get new fans.All unsigned and independent record label bands can get a band page to promote the band and links to other social media profiles.All Mp3 songs submitted to the band page will appear on the webradio.

In the social community, bands can connect with new fans and discuss about music in the forums.And everyone will get the opportunity to interact and evolve in a community form in the very start.

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