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The Poolside Drink Cabana

The Poolside Drink Cabana will keep drinks cold while enjoying the swimming pool.

In American homes, there are more than 4,500,000 in ground swimming pools and more than 3,500,000 above ground swimming pools. Americans enjoy their pools-swimming, partying, tanning, and just relaxing. After a trying day at work, you may want to unwind with a cold, refreshing drink by the swimming pool. One problem with this scenario is that the heat from the sun heats your drink and melts the ice. The Poolside Drink Cabana can solve this problem. It is a shaded table surface for beverages that is specially designed for use while enjoying an outdoor pool. The Poolside Drink Cabana provides you with a simple yet attractive way to keep drinks consistently cool even on the warmest of days. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptionally strong consumer interest in the Poolside Drink Cabana.

The Patent Pending Poolside Drink Cabana was invented by Douglas Wright of North Las Vegas, NV, who said, "The Poolside Drink Cabana is a shaded table surface that is specially designed for beverages. It can be offered in circular, oval, or square shapes and has a circumference of approximately two feet. The weighted, solid base anchors the Poolside Drink Cabana in place, elevating it off the surface of the concrete. An attached umbrella is attached in the center and has a handy ring so that you can move it around as needed. Also, it can be made available in a variety of colors and styles."

The inventor added, "Before jumping into the pool, you put the Poolside Drink Cabana right at the edge of the water. You open the umbrella and place your beverages directly on the table surface. The shade of the umbrella blocks the sun, keeping the drinks from becoming heated. You can then enjoy your backyard pool and still keep your drink cool."

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