The Pink Dolphin

The Pink Dolphin, A New Children's Book Out Of Beaufort, SC, Is Making Storytime A Time Of Reflection For Kids & Adults Alike

The Pink Dolphin, a new children's book, written by the mayor of Beaufort, SC, has some ideas that could teach adults, as well as children this holiday season. The tale explores the universal themes of community, collaboration, and civic engagement.

Billy Keyserling, a native of Beaufort, SC, now leads his city in the hopes of building a strong community, and an interpersonal network of committed citizens. In an effort to more effectively inspire his life-long dream of community and friendship, he has teamed with an 8-year old philosopher, Thomas Mcdermott-Post, and an 83-year young retired artist, to pen these ideas in a format all will enjoy: a whimsical and wildly-animated children's tale, rich with color and ideas. The result of these combined efforts is The Pink Dolphin, which tells the events of a team of dolphins, who must overcome their differences with the humans, in order to save the entire community.

The Pink Dolphin sets out to educate our young minds and future leaders about the power of love, and the difference that a strong community can make. Although this book has already made a splash in Beaufort, SC, instantly selling out at book signings and in local bookstores, it is sure to have far-reaching ripples. While it is entertaining our youths at bedtime, the hope is that it will also influence the adults who read it aloud. This children's book is unlike any other, in that it is a book for all ages, written with benevolence, care, and most importantly, hope for the future.

As the holiday season rolls around, this children's book will make a great stocking-stuffer for the children, as well as the parents. At, one can learn more about the story, the alliance between the mayor and the child, and even order the book, as well as a variety of Pink Dolphin T-Shirts. The Pink Dolphin is a call to action; it is a call to plant something positive in the minds of those who will one day run the world.

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