The Perfect Father's Day Gift for Car Loving Dads: GPS Tracking for Awesome Automobiles(TM) from

Dads will love for 24/7 GPS tracking, the "Bueller Buster" for instant alerts of unauthorized use, advanced theft-recovery, and full "breadcrumb" history for reliving on-the-road exploits

For the dad who has everything, and we mean everything, offers something really different: GPS tracking for supercars, special cars and even family cars. is the ultimate tech accessory for dads or other owners of fine cars, with full Global Positioning System satellite tracking plus a range of advanced features to improve security, peace-of-mind and enhance the enjoyment of owning an exceptional car.

High-performance features to delight even the most discriminating dad include:

- "Just like Magic" GPS satellite technology - 24/7/365 location tracking using state-of-the-art tracking devices with plug-and-play installation.

- "The Bueller Buster" features enables the owner to know whenever their car leaves their garage with alert messages to their email or smartphone. also allows owners to set up "geofences" around their commuter lot or favorite restaurants to thwart thieves and vanquish valets ready to take a joy ride.

- "LiveTracker" Link can be sent to authorities in the event of theft. Link shows the reported location of the vehicle and recent travel history.

- Smartphone tracking app means the car's location is never further away than the owner's hip pocket, so to speak.

- "Breadcrumb" history tracking lets users relive their adventures and analyze vehicle performance, document top speed and full travel history. See vehicle travel path and review speed and direction at every point, and even enjoy animated replay of travel history on the map with "VCR" style controls to play and pause.

- "Family Peace-of-Mind" comes from monitoring teen drivers with additional tracking devices for family cars.

- Cloud-based tracking dashboard provides full digital mapping, vehicle history review, reporting and account management.

"Other GPS trackers are only about stolen vehicle recovery but Supercar Tracking is the ultimate aftermarket accessory for fully experiencing your amazing auto," said Michael Forbes, CEO of "Sure, we provide all the safety and security features, but only Supercar helps dad tap into the exhilaration of owning a fine car with full GPS history and the ability to relive and share his exploits with live tracker links and trip reports. ' offers three packages with tracking intervals ("ping rates") from 10 minutes to every 30 seconds in the "Enthusiast Package." Monthly subscription rates start at $19.95 per month and top out at $29.95 per month for all the whistles and bells. Fees include all tracking services and mobile data.

The hardwired GPS tracking device requires a simple three-wire installation, or for the ultimate in ease-of-installation, choose the "Plug & Play" tracker. Just plug it in and it works. Either tracker is available for just $199.95, shipping included.

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About was founded by car enthusiasts with experience in fleet tracking based on a revelation that GPS could and should enhance the experience of owning an exceptional ride. Visit for more info.

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