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The Perfect Christmas Butcher Gift Set

Whether a loved one is a budding or established butcher, Butcher Equipment Warehouse has the perfect Butcher Knife set to make their Christmas one to remember.

There is a wide variety of different jobs that require a whole range of different knives and blades. From large jobs hacking through flesh and bone alike to the small intricate jobs that require precision and a deft touch, this nine piece gift set provides elegant butchering solutions.


The cleaver is one of the staples of the butcher's knife itinerary. Used for hacking through big, thick joints of meat. Flesh and bone will carved with little effort as large cuts of meat are turned quickly into manageable steaks and portions. The cleaver is a necessity for any commercial butcher. Also useful for private use; the cleaver can used to prepare the ever more popular hog roast.

Butcher Knife

Used for everyday chopping and cutting, the Butcher Knife will become an almost permanent fixture in the hand of the gift receiver. Create small, precise cuts, the Butcher Knife is perfect for quick, simple cutting. The slightly curved blade allows the butcher to cut by placing a hand upon the blade to direct its cutting position. This makes it safer for the butcher to cut quickly and effectively.

Precision Knife

The commercial butcher aspires the get the fullest potential out of every joint and cut of meat that they have to prepare. By extracting every last bit of meat, the butcher can make the most out of the joint or cut that they have been tasked to prepare. The intricacies of the precision knife allows for it to reach every crevice and small recess of the joint or carcass.

Steel Sharpener

The steel sharpener is an incredibly useful piece of kit for every butcher regardless of their stature. The tool keeps the butcher's knives at an appropriate and enviable level of sharpness. If a butcher's knife is allow to dull, then the results that it produces will be of a lower standard. Keeping the knives sharp at all times will ensure that their chops and cuts are produced at a consistently high standard.


A knife's sheeth will keep the knife in the highest of health throughout its life. The sheeth will ensure that the knife is not subjected and exposed to potentially problematic elements and airborne bodies that will potentially endanger and damage the blade of the name.

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